At Redlands Animal Hospital, Inc. in Redlands, California, our doctors and our long-term employees are pleased to offer quality care. Just see what these satisfied customers have to say.

Kind and Sweet
“We have been here twice and have been treated so well. The Doctors are so easy to talk to and know their stuff. The staff is very kind and sweet. The prices are consistent with other vets. We used to live in mountains and moved to Redlands and had to find another vet. I show and train dogs and have learned a lot about veterinary issues. I am happily surprised by this animal hospital!”
– Heidi

Amazing People
“We have brought our son Remington here several times. The doctors and staff there are amazing people! We know they give the best service around, and they truly care about our pets wellbeing.”
– Anonymous

Terrific Care
“Well just the other day our dog was bit in the face by a 3ft western red diamondback rattlesnake. His head swelled up like a balloon and we were worried about his airway being obstructed do to the swelling. Thanks to the amazing care from the Redlands Animal Hospital we have our loyal Doberman back! I’m seriously so thankful for their service.”
– Patrick

“They have separate cat and dog entrances and comfortable seating in the waiting areas. They also sell various special diet foods for your pet. It’s also nice that they have a parking lot, so there’s no worry about finding street parking.”
– Miri

“These people are saints. I took my cat in to get fixed and it turns out he didn’t need to be after all. This was because another vet tried to scam me into going to several appointments at their hospital without ever telling me that the cat was fixed and leading me to believe he wasn’t.

But Redlands is fantastic and didn’t charge me a penny for anything. No boarding fee, no made up fees, nothing. They just felt bad I almost got scammed and they took really good care of my cat while I was at work. This level of customer service is what I want in a vet, or anywhere, frankly. I will be taking my pets here from now on no matter what! They made a customer for life out of me.”
– John