Ensure your companion's continued well-being with help from Redlands Animal Hospital, Inc. in Redlands, California. Our caring pet nutrition, wellness programs, and microchipping are here to help. Behavior and exercise-habit advice is also available.


Our center's nutrition counseling and weight management services go beyond the appetite to deliver quality nutritional services. We sell prescription pet food for special-need animals and supplements are also available.


We offer wellness programs for pets at various life stages. These stages include puppy and kitten years, as well as adult and senior years. We offer vaccines, spays and neuters, emergency surgeries, dental care, and preventative care.


For this service, a microchip the size of a grain of rice is permanently implanted in your pet's skin. The chip carries a number that can be entered into a database. This allows shelters and veterinarians to identify him or her and access the owner's contact information, and it increases the chance of reuniting if your companion becomes lost.

Contact us in Redlands, California, to explore all of our helpful options.